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Your Trusted Source for Mortgage Market Intelligence

MBS Highway is a cutting-edge digital platform that helps industry professionals to interpret and forecast activity in the mortgage rate and bond markets.

The brainchild of renowned mortgage industry executive Barry Habib, MBS Highway offers exclusive information that mortgage professionals can rely on for ultimate relevance, speed and precision. 
We help you get it

If you want to better understand and use Candlestick Charting, the interactive nature of our charts lets you personalize your view. You can drag and drop data, set the stochastic view to be faster or slower, and draw your own trend lines.

While no charts can predict the future, our bond charts can show indicators of momentum that MBS analysts understand very well — and use to make notably accurate forecasts.

About Founder and CEO Barry Habib

As founder and CEO of MBS Highway, Barry is also Chief Market Strategist for Residential Finance Corporation, a leading national mortgage banker. Barry has also enjoyed a long tenure as a market commentator on FOX and CNBC Networks. He can be seen presenting his Monthly Mortgage Report on “Squawk Box,” the early-morning CNBC business news show.

Barry also serves as a professional speaker on the financial markets, housing, negotiation, technical trading analysis, sales training, building relationships and motivation. He is also co-creator and currently Principal Managing Director of Health Care Imaging Solutions.

Past highlights of Barry’s career include being the top mortgage loan originator in the country in 1991, successfully managing a hedge fund, writing a stock advisory newsletter, owning an insurance agency, and serving as managing partner in a real estate investment company.

Barry has also crossed the divide from commerce to show business in both film and theater. His projects have been honored with awards and recognition at the Sundance Film Festival and on Broadway with Tony award nominations. He is the lead producer, managing partner and majority shareholder in “Rock of Ages,” a musical theatrical production running on Broadway, London, and touring the U.S. It was released as a major motion picture starring Tom Cruise in 2012.